Who is this lady?

Who Is This Lady?

I hate when I find a new blog and there's no About Me page to read and instead I have to actually read about a hundred entries to figure out what the author's really like, so... I'm not going to make you do that. Below are some tidbits I think you should know. In no particular order...

1) This is what I look like. And my name's Nancy, in case you can't read my ballin' hat.

Who goes around wearing a hat with their NAME on it? Tools, that's who. Ah well, at least it's out in the open now.

"Here I am, clinking glasses with nobody!"

Me and my roommates. Together, we make JuNanSki. And no, the color palate was not planned.

2) I can be wordy (see: the description of this page slash everything I write. Like this. This is unnecessarily wordy). I apologize in advance. 

3) I do not have a dog, a cat, a boyfriend, a husband, a girlfriend, a wife, or a baby. So don't expect me to talk about The Hubby and my kids or Sir Fluffington III.

4) My thoughts are frequently thought in a (terrible) British accent. Like in the caption below the pic of me holding the wine glass above, I thought that in British.

5) I really like: reading, sarcasm, Pinterest, dessert, vodka, reality TV, Sweet Brown, working out (usually...), eating more than working out (which is why I'm still not skinny), normal people fashion, and dogs. Soooo... I'm basically like every other twentysomething you know.

6) Yeah, I was in a sorority. Kappa Kappa Gamma what up! Consequently, keys and the fleur-de-lis feature heavily in my home decor scheme. 

7) I totes love abbrevs. Even though I'm a grammar/spelling FREAK.

8)  I live near LA. I have major hearts for California. Still not sure if I like or hate when people say Cali. But I do know I like living here.

Hello... 2Pac... California Love. Clearly this belonged here.

9) I grew up in Arizona, but I'm not super tan, which is why they kicked me out. That was a Twilight reference...

10) I still love the Backstreet Boys. BSB4Life!!!

11) I am not adopted. My sister and I have the same biological parents. They should do gene studies on us. Observe...

12) In case ya couldn't tell yet, I love ellipses.