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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The One Where You Gird Your Loins

Well, I mean the post title says it all. 

Shout out to Christina Matthews, who I will forever think of when I think of this movie

Now, I answer the question I'm sure you are all inevitably asking which is "Why, Nance? Why must my loins be girded? Is girded a word? How is it possible for Stanley Tucci to be such a good actor?" 

And here are your answers:

1) Your loins must be girded because Amanda and I are about to embark (this Friday) on a road trip of epic proportions for the first half of my summer vacay and of course I/we will be documenting it right here as well as on Instagram [clearlyimnancepants] and Facebook. This will not be a normal road trip, but rather one taken in a Jucy van that looks like THIS:

Yes... Yes, we will be driving down the highway looking for adventure in this baby. 

2) Yes, girded is a word.

3) I don't know. He just is. 

Also, I have partially been absent from this beast due to A) laziness and B) sickness. I've been battling a weird, recurrent throat infection (strep? Maybe? We still aren't 100% sure) for the past five weeks and consequently I haven't done much in the way of fun since my birthday at the beginning of May. Unless you count going to the library multiple times fun!!! Because then, YES, I have been having fun like nobody's business!!!

If you're lucky, I'll recap my Ragnar adventure I had in April for you, but in the meantime you can always read about it over at Nicole's blog, Treasure Tromp. 

Stay tuned. 

Peace, love, and baked goods,

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