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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The One Where It's Cookie Time

Sadly, even though the title of this post is definitely a reference to Troop Beverly Hills, this post is not actually about that movie. But just for kicks, I'll include the Cookie Time song for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Now, if you haven't seen Troop Beverly Hills... I don't even know what to say to you right now. It's my sister's and my mutual favorite movie. I'm trying to design a tattoo for us both to get that's some form of a Wilderness Girl Best Sister Ever patch. That's how much love for that movie runs through our veins. (I know I said this post wasn't about this movie... I promise we'll move on in a second.) A fun fact about the Cookie Time song... I rewrote the lyrics to the song when I was the Risk Management chair for my sorority. Being Risk Management chair basically meant I was in charge of all the rules and legal stuff that goes into sorority events and making sure no one blew themselves up or or drank themselves into a coma or lost an eye on my watch. Needless to say, this position was probably the least "fun" of all the ones on our board, but I tried my damndest to make learning the rules a good time for everyone. So when we came back from summer break my senior year, I literally stood up in front of all of my sisters and sang my own version of Cookie Time that talked about how much fun it is to sign EPFs on time and stay safe and party with a buddy, etc.

... I know. I'm really cool.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to talk about a couple lessons I learned tonight while baking cookies. See, Carol and Bob (my parents) are coming into town tonight...

Yes, my father looks like Ben Franklin. No, it's not your imagination.

Anyway, they're coming into town so we can hang for the 4th of July because... that's what normal people do. We're going to Santa Barbara tomorrow then Pasadena for Friday and Saturday.

Oh yeah. And on Friday night I will be AT THE PACKAGE TOUR WITH NEW KIDS, BOYZ II MEN, AND 98 DEGREES BABY!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo excited!!! Clearly this concert will require a picture-saturated post. Stay tuned for THAT! (And in case you may be wondering, no, Carol and Bob will not be Hangin' Tough with me at the concert. I'm going with my friend Katie!)

Okay, back to normal programming. So, I decided I wanted to bake us some treats to eat on our drive up to Santa Barbara tomorrow. I debated making red white and blue cookies of some kind, but decided that was too much work and (say it with me now):

So I went with good old fashioned chocolate chips instead.

Using my KitchenAid like a bossss
Round number one. A little too well-done for my liking.
Round number too. Less well done, more just one giant cookie. Hhhhhhh
Anyway, in the process of this whole baking thing, I have learned:

1) The bag says it makes 5 dozen. HAHAHA. In what universe?

2) Beyonce radio on Spotify is the perfect music to accompany baking. Or really anything. 

3) When you run out of parchment paper, wax paper is not a good substitute. I apologize in advance if I kill anyone, especially myself, from eating cookies that had wax paper poison residue baked into them.

4) I will have to run for 2 hours tonight to work off all the cookies/cookie dough I consumed while doing my part to make sure things tasted okay/were not poisoned. 

5) There is too much of a good thing...

Hope everyone has a lovely 4th full of sparkles and fireworks and tasty 'Murrican treats!!

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  1. I LOVE TROOP BEVERLY HILLS. I had also forgotten how much I love it until reading this and now I need to find it immediately so I can watch it.

    Also, I've totally been there with the parchment paper vs. wax paper mixup. Oops.