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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The One Where You Learn I Love A Good Theme Party

This past weekend, I volunteered along with my friend Erin to chaperone a USC Kappa date party/exchange/Kappa Krush/whatever they actually called it. Basically, whenever the Kappas have events like this, they need alum chaperones to make sure nobody falls into the ocean or runs into oncoming traffic or dies from alcohol poisoning. We aren't there to punish people, just be an adult presence in case it really hits the fan and they need some help. I've chaperoned a few things now and I've never been needed for an emergency, so all I've done is sip on my one drink for 3 hours and become increasingly amused with the liberal interpretation some people take with the theme of the evening. Because, oh yes my friends, these parties are almost always themed. 

And like the good woman I am, there are few things I love more than a Theme Party, or basically any Halloween party/excuse to wear a costume. 

Except maybe Costco cake.

But if you include Costco cake AT your theme/Halloween party, then we're really talking.

The theme of Saturday night's party was Pirates and Mermaids, which most people came looking like either a pirate or a mermaid, but we also were graced by the presence of Rasta Jesus and a bunch of guys wearing yellow t-shirts and red ties, which was a joke I was not in on. Things at this party went smoothly, minus the downed parrot I found on the ground about 20 minutes in:

Which I then gave to a guy Erin and I nicknamed Philosophical Pirate because he kept holding his plastic sword up to everyone's throat and asking us to give him one good reason to let us live. My reason? I'm seeing Britney Spears in concert in August.  Needless to say, he was not impressed.

Anyway, it got me thinking about all the fun theme parties/Halloween costumes I have partaken in in my time. There are a LOT to choose from, but here are some highlights.

First theme party as a Kappa, Kappas and Kowboys, where my pledge class made up new words to that horrible Gretchen Wilson song Redneck Woman:

With my amazing Big, Heather and shoutout to Kaycee for hand-drawing my shirt

Then there was that time I decided last-minute to attend a toga party and literally just threw my bedsheet around me:

Christina and Jessie looked a billion times better than me. But at least my hair was not making chicken-finger bangs, so that's nice.

I wore my friend Calla and Hillary's "study hat" to an animal-themed date party one time, too, along with my old man sweater that had elbow patches. I guess I was a leopard?

Betsy, I'm pretty sure you were a ladybug?

My niece got in on the action at her 2nd birthday party - Minnie Mouse themed:

She's going to be 7 this September. Hard to believe!

Then, of course, there's the holiday theme parties. I love Matt and Nicole's complementary 4th of July outfits from a couple years ago:

And Halloween!

Dave = Black Swan, I = David Bowie or Ke$ha, depending on what you want

That time Amanda had to staple Sam's beard onto her face

Michelle as Garth from Wayne's World - spot on!!

I know we've briefly touched on the Bridesmaid Dress party already, but, come on. It was so fun.

And my sister's Troop Beverly Hills-themed bachelorette party from last fall... Priceless. 

Again, I have to reiterate, Amanda handmade the sashes pretty much by herself. She is amazing!

And perhaps my favorite theme of all for theme parties... the White Trash Bash. 

First one, a couple years ago - my baby is just a balloon, but the ketchup stain on my shirt is real.

A WTB isn't complete without Franzia.


We still use this eagle blanket in the TV room so it wasn't a waste to purchase

The guys... looking stellar.


We're having a green foods, St. Patrick's Day-themed potluck at work on the 17th, but I think I need more theme parties in my life. Maybe for my birthday I'll do something good like 90s or Fiesta or Western. Or 90s Western Fiesta. Or Fiesta in the West-a. OMG I think I'm onto something. The POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. 

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