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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The One Where You Can Just Shorten the Dress and Wear it Again!

First, the background. 

Scene: Hilariously awful wood-paneled, 70s style TV room. 

Background: Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta (wuzzup Monte)

People: Monique, Julia (Aka Pon), Nance

(Just so you feel like you're there, too, pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a handful of chocolate chips, and settle in with your Pillow Pet.)

It went something like this:

Monique: "That dress is pretty."

Nance: "I like that veil." 

Pon: "She seems like she'd pick good bridesmaid dresses." 

Proceed to discuss bridesmaid dresses for the next ten minutes, including which ones we've all worn and what they look like, etc.

Nance: "I mean, how often do you really re-wear your bridesmaid dresses? Hello... 27 Dresses was popular for a reason!" 

Pon: "You guys. We should totally have a party where we re-wear our bridesmaid dresses!" 


Nance: "And wear them out somewhere." 

Monique: "Like Applebee's!!!!" 

And thus, this happened:

Now, I know. This IS genius. You don't have to tell me twice. And in case you decide to have such a party, here are my tips for having a successful one:

1) determine your hashtag of the evening while getting ready (i.e., #PopItPon)

2) choose a locale that screams BRIDESMAID. Most fast-casual restaurants will do. Preferably with a centrally-located bar and neon signs. 

3) prance in with confidence. Make everyone confused, a little uncomfortable, and also jealous.

4) Listen to Bossy by Kelis. Reminisce about including the lyrics in your AIM profile (Liz... I'm looking at you). 

Please note: this video is definitely not safe to watch at work, around children, or if you are generally opposed to absurdity.

5) Eat mozzarella sticks. 

6) Drink bridesmaid-y drinks: sangria, wine, skinny margaritas. 

7) force awkward restaurant employees/non-costumed party-goers to take group pics outside. 

8) discuss who will wear the actual bridal gown for the next one where you pretend you all just left someone at the altar. 

So there you have it. Foolproof party plan! Now it's back to baking the cookies I will be contributing to the Super Bowl fête I am attending tomorrow. 

PS - good luck getting I'm BOSS-AY out of your head for the next 24-48 hours. 

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