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Monday, February 10, 2014

The One Where You May Be Alarmed at the Amount of Dessert Pictures

Well, well, well. Arizona was good to me this time around. Not that it's ever not good to me, but it was extra good this time. I think I'm still coming down from my sugar high thanks to all the dessert I ate over the weekend. Totally normal. Side note: growing up in the desert, we learned very early on the difference between desert (one s) and dessert (two s's) and I still get irrationally annoyed whenever I see someone misuse either word. What can I say... I'm a grammar snob (thank you for passing along that trait, mother). 

Speaking of mothers, mine picked me up from the airport on Friday evening with her BFF Gail who also came to town to get out of the insane freezing tundra that is Chicago right now. Picture this: I just pulled my suitcase off the roundy thing in the airport and I call my mom to see where she is and she is directly outside the door. So instead of just walking outside, I proceed to gallop just to make sure she sees me and doesn't have to pull around the terminal again. Also totally normal. We then proceeded to get dinner, where were able to eat outside (God bless Arizona!) and were only harassed by Girl Scouts selling their crack cocaine - I mean cookies - once. 

Dining al fresco!

Then it was time for dessert. Godddduhhhhh so many good choices. I went with the mini cupcakes. Good choice. Wish I'd gotten more. 

The next day, my dad and I went to the farmers market and bought a giant piece of fresh-caught salmon that had been flown down from Alaska (sadly, no picture taken of that) and then Mom, Gail, and I went for a hike along with my aunt in Sabino Canyon. It was GLORIOUS.

Franklin's brothers

Oh, ya know, just a giant rock with a spout coming out of it. No big deal.

Posing in my new trail shoes!


As we were leaving Sabino, I decided I wanted lemonade and then Gail piped up and said "Don't you mean Frost?" WHAT WAS I THINKING. IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE, YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE FROST. 

Good, good. All is right with the world. PS - can't tell if that dude in the background is wearing a cowboy hat or what.

Terrible quality picture of my empty cup. Mmmmm...

That night for dinner my aunt had made pasties (pronounced "past" like "opposite of future" not like "paste, the stuff that weird kid in your 1st grade class ate") which are a traditional Finnish/Northern Michigan food. They're kind of like dough pockets with meat and potatoes and carrots and stuff. Basically, they're amazing. I know they don't sound like much, but... they are GOOD. So we ate those in honor of my aunt's and dad's belated birthdays and then...

There was cake. Ohhhhhhhhh god was there cake. I swear I did more than eat on this trip, but sweet mother of baby Jesus this cake was excellent. My mother was NOT shy about portions, either, which is always a delight. I learned over the course of dinner that my aunt's birthday party in 1988 was apparently the best party of the year across the entire United States. Sad I missed out on that party, but I was busy doing baby stuff. 

I then met up with my friend John for a drink later on Saturday night. Fun fact: in 6th grade, I tried to convince John that Justin Timberlake was my boyfriend. Yeah, that happened. John is an insanely talented singer-songwriter (listen to his music here) (my favorite is It's Alright) and definitely one of the funniest and most positive people I've ever met. We met a nice man named Mark from Australia and talked about such things as hipster mustaches, whiskey, Vanderpump Rules, and Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits. And obvi took a picture to commemorate. 

Finally on Sunday, my dad and I went to breakfast and talked about his business, my interest in education, and making friends as an adult. Which we both agreed can be difficult. We also went to church, where there was a guest speaker named Arvel Bird. He was pretty fascinating. He's a musician and likes to describe his music as Braveheart meets Last of the Mohicans at Woodstock. Clearly, not boring. He talked about personal renewal and healing and at one point it got so personal and intimate, I kind of felt like I was sitting in on his therapy session so of course that made me lean forward in my seat and think, "Ooooh tell me more!" 

Finally, we all TRIED to go to El Charro for lunch but like 18 people were having their quince parties there, so we settled for Carraba's. Again, I SWEAR I did more than eat!

Also during the weekend, I found the picture collage my parents sent for their Christmas cards in December. MOM, WHY did you have to include 2 pictures of me wearing that bonnet!!! Laura got 4 normal pictures!!! I got 1!!! I don't even know if there was an explanatory letter or note included with this, so it's 100% possible that those who received this postcard think I have run off to join some Dickens-era commune. (Can you imagine?) 

I also found this picture of my niece, Cheyenne, and her dad Beau who is currently deployed to Italy in the Air Force (not to be confused with Laura's husband, Ryland, who is a Marine).  I don't think I could love this picture any more than I do!

So, all in all, a very, very good weekend. And dessert-y. And desert-y. Stay tuned for my next post. It'll be brief, but good. 

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