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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The One Where We Discuss Chimichangas

First off, if you are not a blogger, you probably don't know that most blog hosts allow the person who writes the blog to see what google search terms have brought random readers to your blog. I just learned this myself a little while ago and I'd like to give a warm welcome to whomever was brought to this corner of the Internet by googling "Jennifer Lawrence ass shaking" and "dog driving a car." Welcome, new friends. Stick around. I'm trying really hard to remember when I ever posted about Jennifer Lawrence in this blog, but maybe if I say Jennifer Lawrence one more time I'll get even more googlers/readers that way. A girl can dream.

Anyway, I'm heading home this weekend just to see my parents and hang out in the good ol' A-Z because I haven't been there in a quite a while since we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at my sister and brother-in-law's up in Monterey and I got to spend a lot of quality time with this dog beast:

So, I was thinking about what are some of my favorite things about being at home. Here they are, in no particular order (and, no, my family isn't listed on here because that's a given):

1) My mother is NOT joking around when it comes to coffee. It is pretty much guaranteed that I will wake up to a fresh pot of strong coffee every morning when I am home. This means I will be AWAKE and READY TO DO THINGS and most likely SHAKING. As someone's fridge magnet that I recently saw said, "Coffee: Do stupid things faster with more energy." Check and check.

2) Frost! 

Now, granted, I haven't been to Italy, okay? In fact, the only "international travel" I've really partaken in involved a Carnival cruise ship and the port in Ensenada, Mexico (which was a rockin' time) so I can't really say this is the best gelato in the world. But I CAN tell you it is the best frozen treat I've ever had. Ever. No other gelato I've ever had comes close. If Elle Woods went to Frost, she would give it snaps. 

3) The desert. I love the desert. I think it's really beautiful and there are lots of cool animals and plants you only find in the desert. Like Franklin the cactus!


The sunsets are to die for and the air is really clean and you can see lots of stars... lovely. Except in August when it's 115 degrees. No, thanks! But for now, I can revel in this:

View from my parents' backyard. The infinity pool reminds me of The OC which then makes me want to sing CalifOOOORnia here we COOOOME (even though it's iiiiinnnn ArizOOOnnaaaaa)

4) El Charro. I don't think we'll be going this time around, but it is just so good. They also invented the chimichanga (?) and every time I see/hear the word chimichanga I think about that scene in Meet the Fockers and I compulsively think or say, "SO MAKE A CHIMICHANGA!"

Good stuff. What do you love most about being home? 


  1. Not in order:

    1) That at any moment an Italian relative could stop by, food in hand, including cannoli, fresh pasta, cured meat, and fancy cheese. And wine, good heavens, the wine.

    2) Michigan summers: low humidity, lakes everywhere, and bonfires nightly

    3) Michigan winters: White Christmas - guaranteed! That white Christmas may include a power outage but with all that previously mentioned wine, who cares?

    4) It's where I met my favorite people - college and hot pink 50's diner.

    1. Ahhhh cannoli. Fresh pasta. Fancy cheese. Wine. I wanna come home with you!!

      Also, I don't think I ever experienced a Michigan bonfire outside of the ones they threw during homecoming. Lame-o.