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Monday, February 17, 2014

The One Where it is Nallantine's Day! (I am still so proud of coining that phrase.)

As I'm sure you recall, my bestie from college, Calla, and I have been known as Nalla since our junior year of college. Oh what? You don't know remember detail of my life? Remind yourself here. 

So, per our tradition of Nalla visits on/around Valentine's day, she made her way down to me this year for #Nallantine'sDay14. And it. Was. Glorious. Mildly exhausting, but glorious. Last time Calla was here in California, it was Thanksgiving 2010. We made up our signature dance move of Big Girl in a Little Boat (sung to the tune of Fat Guy in a Little Coat!) and took many a ridiculous picture. This time, we also took many a ridiculous picture and drank a la-HOT of wine. I apologize in advance that none of these pictures are the same size or consistently centered. This is what I get for trying to write a blog post on my iPhone. (First world problems.) 

Of course, we had to craft the night she got here. Love banner, courtesy of Target. Also, for the record, I am the least capable crafter you will ever meet. It's the lack of fine motor skills. Sad.

The next morning, eating breakfast outside while I worked. "This strawberry looks like it's wearing pants."

Then I told Calla she looked like a cat, lounging on my patio. (She's on the bottom.)

We also have a tradition of pottery painting whenever we're together. The heart is mine and will be a spoon rest (sorry for using the b-word, mother) and Calla's will be a magnet! 

We went for a nature stroll after our creativity fest and took a pic by a cactus, approximately 8 seconds before we heard something terrifying in the bushes near us and ran away. 

We of course had to pose by the love banner before going out for sushi dinner on Valentine's Day with Shelly and Monique.

Mini champagne bottles, what up!!!

Sushiiiiiiii and 2-for-1 drinks, which made our cab driver hate us.

The next morning we ran the Paws Fur Pink 5K in Orange County to benefit breast cancer research (glad we raised $0... oops).

There were SO MANY DOGS.  I was in heaven. Especially looking at this one's furry butt wearing a tutu!!!!!!!

Congrats to Samantha for completing her first ever 5K race!! (Also, yes, New Kids on the Block tshirt... duh).

"Nice tongue, Miley."

Rockin' the Seahawks shirt in front of more cacti.

Thennnnnnnnnn we headed down to San Diego and went on a Pedal Pub with Ross and Amanda. In case you couldn't tell from this picture, we were about a million times more fun than the other 4 people on our bike. (We are still not sure if the couple on the right were brother and sister even though they were married.) If you've never been on or seen a pedal pub, essentially it's a giant slow bike where you pedal and ride around town to various bars where they give you drink specials and make friends. Very fun. Highly recommend.

"And you get a pedal pub and you get a pedal pub!" 

"Okay, Oprah!"

Nice shoes, Ross!

Love my Manders!

Lookin' saucy.

Lookin' absurd. PS I need that chair. 

Sorority squat!

I wanted to sit on this motorcycle really bad, but was vetoed. So I just stuck my butt on it instead. Klassy.

And what comes after a night of debauchery but relaxation! At Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, which really needs to step up its game regarding the checkin and checkout process but the rest of the experience is so amazing, I can't really complain. 

No, we're not diseased. Just gettin muddy!!!

Lounging VIP style in the Club Sole.

"Don't float away. Hold my hand." 

All in all, a perfect weekend. Especially since we topped it off with a little of this last night:

Though we live so far from each other (1,278 miles to be exact), Calla and I still text each other basically every day and I could not be more grateful to have someone in my life who makes me laugh until I cry on a regular basis. It just begs the question... What will be the name of our iminent reality show? Is Nalla too obvious? 

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