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Monday, February 3, 2014

The One Where Joe Namath Wears Your Granddad's Coat and Looks Incredible

Yesterday, being Super Bowl Sunday, I did what any normal red-blooded American woman would do in preparation for the event. No, I did not buy chicken wings. No, I did not make crock pot cheese dip. No, I did not start drinking beers at 10 AM on the lawn with my neighbors. Instead, I attended a free (FREE) smoky eye makeup class at Sephora. 

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. A couple weeks ago, I was looking at some stuff on Pinterest about makeup and I was pinning a couple how-to videos when I thought to myself, "Hmm. I wonder if they do classes on this stuff with real live people at Sephora or Ulta or MAC or whatever." So I investigate. And lo and behold, Sephora has started offering free classes at several locations near me. I don't think they've rolled them out at all Sephora stores yet, but I think they're planning to eventually. Check out if they are near you here: Linkety Link to Sephora.com

So I took a bright eye makeup class last week, which was very fun and I got to learn how to both do bright bold eyeliner and a bold allover eye, and how to do my eyeliner the right way all the time regardless of the color. Then yesterday was smoky eye. Super fun! I recommend checking the classes out because 1) they are free, 2) they provide all of the materials and makeup for you, 3) they have multiple people there demo-ing and then helping you if you have questions or can't seem to figure out a technique they demonstrated, and 4) you don't feel pressured into buying anything but you do have private shopping time with just the other people in the class when there are no other people in the store, because who wants to shop at Sephora during normal hours when it looks like this:

Pic courtesy of KasumiKriss' blog

Here is my before/after (and yes, I took these pictures of myself in the store and felt like a complete idiot). The left is normal daytime look, and the right is obvs smoky eye. I don't know why I look like I'm trying to seduce you/get you to give me your credit card in the second picture. I guess that's what happens when I put dark eye makeup on.

So, when I was done with those shenanigans, I headed over to Ange and Monica's along with Shelly for a Super Bowl viewing. 

Monica (on the left) and Ange (on the right)

Shelly, AKA Slopper

Yes, I actually ended up watching the game, but we also had an in-depth discussion about the possible long-term developmental effects that can occur when one is a professional athlete and the implications those have for one's mental and emotional growth. #geeks

I think my favorite part of the day was when Shelly said something about having to memorize plays and routes as a football player and Monica, dead serious, replies "Yeah, that's how I feel about SPSS." (In case you are not familiar with SPSS, you should praise Jesus you've never had to learn that statistics software.) 

For the record, we were rooting for the Seahawks. I chose them because Calla and her husband Jack are giant Seahawks fans and I felt like I should honor them.

They were so happy!

Also... the cookies I baked for our "party" were tasty and thank god because they gave me some grief when I was baking them the other night...

Yeah, that's flour all over everything. Which made me think of:

Also, can we talk about the abundance of interesting outerwear that was on display at this event? First, Joe Namath! (Was he drunk?)

Second, the puffy coats everyone was wearing on the sidelines, in the back of the picture below!

Third, Bruno Mars!

I have actively disliked Bruno Mars ever since I read this interview with him in GQ, so in my opinion, this halftime show was as boring as the rest of the Super Bowl, but I may be a tiny bit biased. Plus... Beyonce he was not. I barely watched any of the commercials (too busy discussing peak experience and other such ideas) so I can't even really comment on those. Let me know if you had a favorite. Here's hoping next year's Super Bowl will be a better match up and that Peyton Manning has a good therapist because he's gonna need one. 


  1. I never liked Bruno Mars ... until last night. I actually really enjoyed his performance!

    1. I mean, he sounded okay... I just have a problem with him as an actual human being so I can't really appreciate him as a musical artist anymore!