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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The One Where I Feel Like Jessie Spano

Okay, first of all, this is (semi) unrelated to what I'm about to write about but I put on these Nike leggings to wear to the gym and... they are like completely see-through. While I have no problem having VPL at the gym because... it's the gym... I have a wee bit of a problem wearing pants where you can just plainly see my entire underwear. What the heck. I don't want to go commando to the gym. That feels like I'm asking for a car wreck on the way there so when the paramedics come to rescue me, and they have to cut off my pants, not only will I be pantsless, I'll be underwearless too. Mortifying. Additionally, if I do actually make it to the gym, isn't going commando asking for a downstairs infection? I understand this is a very first world problem, but I feel like this is a legitimate dilemma right now. Especially because the rest of my workout clothes are in the washing machine right now. So now I've gotta wait for them to get all washed and dry. I guess I could wear shorts... I've never worn shorts to the gym before. To spin, yes, because nobody's really looking at you in spin, especially if you're in the back row. The gym, however... it's a different vibe over there. 

I know many a person for whom this is true. I, on the other hand, would NEVER judge someone at the gym... 

Whatever. This situation did not deserve all the words I devoted to it. Are you annoyed yet? No? Good. Read on.

So, first, let me explain the title of this blog post. For those of you (mother) who do not know who Jessie Spano is, she was on Saved By The Bell (SBTB) back in the '90s. She was a classic Type A high school student who was unfortunately driven to caffeine pills in one particularly memorable SBTB episode. After consuming about 50x the recommended maximum (I am making this statistic up), she freaks out at Zach Morris telling him she's So Excited... I'm So Excited... I'm so... scared! Observe:

Now... you may be asking yourself... why does NancePants feel so excited and yet so scared?

Because of THIS:

Before we go any further, I just need to clarify that even though that says Nike Women's Marathon, I will be participating in the half marathon. I have absolutely no desire to do the full. But... the astute will also realize that because this race is in San Francisco, I will be running insane hills. For 13.1 miles. But guess what - I will be met at the finish line by either a hottie in a suit or a firefighter holding a box with a 10th Anniversary Nike Women's Marathon Tiffany necklace for me. I had to enter in a random draw for this race - you can't just sign up for it. 30,000 women will be running this race. Just thinking about that overwhelms me, but also excites me. Hence the Jessie Spano comparison. 

The race is in October. I will actually have to fly from DC, where I'll be for a conference in the days leading up to the race, directly to San Francisco. Again, insanity. They sent me a training schedule which starts Monday, July 8. My goal for this race is to PR at 2:50 or under and I'm seriously contemplating a significant diet change for the duration of my training. I'll keep you filled in with what I decide to do. While I trained for my last two half marathons, I feel like there's another whole level of training I haven't hit yet, but I feel like I'm ready to go there. 

I met up with Nicole, who blogs over at A Life Less Bullshit , yesterday. She is on a quest to have lunch with 100 people prior to her 30th birthday and I am so in love with her blog/life I emailed her and we met up at this cool restaurant in Venice called Cafe Gratitude yesterday to discuss her bullshit-free life philosophy. So, no, I didn't know her in real life before I emailed her. I'm not 100% sure how I originally found her blog, but I love it. She is also a runner so we talked about that quite a bit. It was cool to talk to someone who also didn't think they could ever be a runner until they tried it (hell-o story of my life). She also said something that I loved - you just gotta try the things. You may think you know how you feel about something, but the truth is, you don't until you try it, so just try. If you like it, keep doing it. If you don't, stop doing it. Talk about bullshit-free! And yes, obviously easier said than done, but I'd like to stop thinking thinking thinking and just start trying. So here I go.

Also, I think I need this amazing tank top from Ruffles With Love:

Who wants to buy that for me???

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