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Monday, June 24, 2013

The One Where You Learn I Listen To Your Conversations in the Bathroom, So Talk Carefully

So I'm in the bathroom at the gym tonight before I started my workout, thinking about how much I wish I had brought a different tank top to wear and wondering if I actually bought broccoli at the grocery store last night or just imagined I did when these two girls/ladies about my age come in chattering at each other about the guy one of the girls likes. The conversation proceeds as follows:

Friend A:"I mean... What am I gonna do about this guy? I like him!" [sounds disgusted at the thought of that]

Friend B: "Well... Why is that a problem? I mean let's be real. You probably won't like him in like a week." 

Friend A: "No, but really, I mean, this guy's just. ... You know." 

Friend B: "Yeah, I know. I hope no one else is in here listening to this." 

Well, surprise bitches! I was listening. And besides sounding borderline dumb, your conversation actually made me smile because it made me start thinking about how one of my favorite things in life is the ability to talk like a total idiot who may not actually be familiar with the English language around your friends and they still know exactly what you mean. 

For example, I can turn to Amanda and say "God, remember that time at Toby's with the fetus and the blechhh?" And she knows exactly what I mean and then we laugh like hyenas for 20 solid seconds. 

Or I can watch the Prancersize video with Shelly and look at her and say "That lady! At the Rose Bowl!" And again, she knows exactly what I mean. 

It's the best.

I'm just having one of those weeks where I am feeling EXTREMELY grateful for all of my amazing friends, whether they live near or far. Serious sap factor over here. But it's making me want to listen to a little Joe Cocker. And I can't complain about that.

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