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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The One Where I Confess I Like to Eat Cool Whip From the Container

OK people, I had to TEAR myself away from Gillian Flynn's "Dark Places" to write this post, so if this seems haphazard or slightly rushed, it's only because I want to get back to my boookkkkkk...

Side note, if you haven't read anything by Gillian Flynn, do yourself a favor and read her fiction. It's very dark and, honestly, really effed up but so, so good!!! We read Gone Girl (her latest) for my book club a while ago and I literally finished it in like 36 hours. Today, on a trek to Costco (no drug-pusher sample ladies out on Tuesday night... holla!) I picked up her other two books at $8.99 each. Hello! Deal!

Even though it's only Tuesday this week has been ridiculous and insane. I left my house at 6 AM both Monday and this morning to drive out to Glendale and LA to meet with and observe teachers at two different schools. I love that my job enables me to get out and interact with real-life teachers in real-life classrooms and this week, I'm thinking about this a lot because it's Teacher Appreciation Week. Which, in my opinion, should be every week just like it should always be Military Personnel Appreciation Week, and Basically Every Service Person Appreciation Week Because For God's Sake Let's All Just Appreciate Each Other A Little More. 

... Anyway.

So, it's Teacher Appreciation Week and even though I myself am not and have never been a teacher, I appreciate the crap out of teachers and the work they do every single day with millions of kiddos in the US and across the globe. I have a lot of friends who are teachers, though, and I'm grateful that I know so many people who give so much of themselves for usually very little visible reward on a daily basis. I absolutely know that (one of) my calling(s) in life is to effect real change in our educational system and while I'm still figuring out what that means, and how to do it, I just know that in the interim, it's important for us all to acknowledge that being a teacher is some damn hard work and truly...

Now, in other news, the incomparable Lauren Backes...

Yep, totes stole this 100% Creeper Style from her Facebook profile pictures photo album... Didn't ask permission. If this pic disappears, it's because she's like "STOP stealing my pictures, asshole." If it stays, it's because she knows I stole it so the Internet/the 9 people who read this blog could see how lovely she is.
Anyway, Lauren Backes posted on my wall this HILARIOUS satire from The New Yorker about the average woman and her "wedding hair." Please read it here. I'll wait for you.


Even though I am nowhere close to getting married (Hi, I spent Saturday night watching Southland reruns and TEDTalks by myself in cutoff jorts eating Cool Whip out of the container) I feel like I'm at a place in my life where it's reasonable for me to be at least kind of mentally planning what I want my eventual wedding to look like and what kind of bride I want to be. 

My ideal ring... Kardashian sized, clearly. Tall girls need big rings, okayyyyyyyyy?

And as much as I hope and pray that I will be a cool bride, there's no guarantee I will not turn into the hypothetical narrator of that piece. I've seen even the most sane of ladies become Bridezillas the day that ring gets placed on their finger, so let's not pretend it's not possible. But at the same tiiiiiime, I have such an aversion to doing a wedding described as "rustic" or "country" and my hair is not long enough for an updo and I know that my hair person, Mary Beth, would slap me if I came to her asking for all of that ridiculousness in one hairdo, so I guess the odds of me actually becoming that person are minimal. But please don't hate me (too much) if I do. 

I like literally cannot stop looking over at my book that is patiently waiting for me by our comfy reading chair so I think I will leave it at this and report back once I've finished the book. 

NancePants, out.


  1. Steal my pixx anytime, girl.

    Also: I listen to audiobooks when I do long runs, and found that mysteries are the best fit. Soooo that's how I found Gone Girl. Never have I wanted to run more in my life.
    I just finished Sharp Objects and am going to start Dark Places today... sooo excited.

    1. SERIOUSLY. Gone Girl was ri-DIC-ulous. Dark Places has yet to reveal its twist... I'm part scared, part excited.

  2. i like whip cream out of the can...but I will settle for cool whip. that ring is so pretty!

    1. I mean, OBVIOUSLY, fresh whipped cream made with real cream is the most ideal, but I take what I can get! :-)