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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The One Where It's Scary... But That's Okay

So last night, I left work and I was really tired and a little PMSy and kind of wanted to go home and just put my face directly into a lasagna, similar to something Garfield the cat would do...

But I had signed up for a late yoga class, so I forced myself to go. And I'm SO GLAD I did. First, there were these 4 8th grade boys in there with their moms who clearly had never done a second of yoga in their lives and so it was interesting to see how far I've come since I took my first yoga class a few years ago, because I'm sure I looked like they did (or worse). What's that called? Social downward comparison theory? Regardless, it works. I felt like a rockstar.

Then I felt like a DOUBLE rockstar because I DID A HANDSTAND! Assisted, but still. I was a little afraid I was going to kick my preg instructor in the face, but I didn't. And let me tell you something, realizing you can do a handstand kind of makes you feel invincible. 

I wanted to insert a cool picture representing how invincible I felt (since my personal photographer had the night off and was not there to document this handstand business) but if you google invincible, all you get are pictures from comic books and boats named Invincible. Use your imaginations.

Anyway, I was scared to try this handstand thing, because let's be honest - throwing your legs off the ground and relying on your arms to hold you up can be kind of scary when you haven't been lifting weights like a champ your entire life. BUT IT WORKED. And then my the instructor said she's teaching a whole workshop on inversions next Sunday. And my stomach clenched thinking about a whole 2 hours of that. But then I thought, "that is EXACTLY why I should sign up for it." So I did. 

And then when I was driving home, I started thinking about all the things I was scared to try, but once I did, I'm so glad that I did because now, I know that I hate it (unusual, but Pure Barre, I'm looking at you) or (more likely) I like/love it. 

Some examples that fall into the I Tried It and I Like/Love It Category:

1) Running. 

Shelly and me after our first half marathon

We've been over this, but just to rehash, I never ran. Ever. Then I started. And now I like it. Love is still a bit of a stretch. But running is firmly in my Like category.

2) Sushi.

I was afraid of raw fish. UNTIL I ATE IT and realized my life would be incomplete without this deliciousness. I'd be happy eating sushi twice a week. My bank account, however, would not be. 

3) Roller coasters.

The thought of voluntarily going on a machine that takes me upside down at ridiculous speeds?? Um, why? But again, THEN I TRIED IT and I realized the nausea you feel afterwards is a small price to pay for the adrenaline rush!!

4) Driving.

Let me explain... when I was about 8, we were visiting my aunt and she let me drive her super fancy pants Lexus golf cart (complete with A/C and tape deck thankyouverymuch) around her neighborhood. Well, at one point we made a U-Turn but instead of hitting the brake, I hit the gas and ended up almost driving us into a water meter. SCARRED FOR LIFE. Except really only like 8 years. I'll never forget getting into the car for the first time after I got my learner's permit with my dad and my heart literally felt like it was going to beat out of its chest. But we started slow. No U-Turns. And guess what... now I definitely Like driving. Usually too fast, but I have places to be, people!

5) Singing karaoke.

Killin' it in my birthday crown up in Big Bear
So, first, I have a pretty good voice, all right? Let's just get that out of the way. But back in 3rd grade (8 was apparently a rough year for me) my best friend at the time (who I am no longer friends with. She has since turned cray...) convinced me my voice was not very good and she was a better singer than me and I should just stop trying. I held onto that thought for YEARS. Pretty much all the way through college. In high school, I did choir, but nearly crapped myself before the audition, even though my song was really easy and I knew I was going to do fine. I NEVER tried out for solos and in college I refused to try out for the small jazz ensemble I would have LOVED to sing in because of her voice in the back of my head telling me I wasn't good enough. Never mind that I hadn't even spoken to her in over 5 years at this point... her voice still played in my head. Well. Then I met Amanda. And basically, she has taught me first, not to hide my light under a basket and second that someone's always going to be negative to you or about you. FORGET THEM. Do it anyway. Be fabulous. I sang karaoke for the first time with her (in the room... not her singing with me!) and even though I shook like a little newborn lamb, I did it. And then I was hooked. Now, I LOVE karaoke. I'll sing it dead sober. I'll sing it with a live band, with a karaoke track, whatever. I LOVE it.

So, as I've said previously, be scared. Do it anyway. You never know what you'll discover you like. What things have you tried that scared you but you're glad you tried it???


  1. Christina MathewsMay 23, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    hahaha i feel the same way about running! captured my thoughts completely

    1. Haha! Glad I captured your thoughts so well :-)

  2. This is totally an awesome post. Hope these can all be archived for Cheyenne. Anyway, I'm so glad I tried writing poetry as an adult. Not so scary now!

    1. Well as they say, the Internet is forever so I'm sure these will still be here for Cheyenne to read one day! And I'm glad you tried writing poetry, too! You never know until you try!