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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The One Where We Talk About Recent Life Lessons

I feel like the universe has just been handing out lots of life lessons/reminders/little bits of wisdom to me for the past few weeks. Anyone else feel like this? As my friend Mikey said, maybe it has to do with the lunar calendar. I don't know, but some days it just feels like my life is a giant bowl of soup that's being stirred up by a giant, troublemaking spoon. Much like this ...

Anyway, I think basically everything I've experienced recently can be boiled down to three main lessons:

1) As Hayden Panetierre so eloquently sings in her song Undermine, "Just because I haven't lived through the same hand that was deal to you, doesn't make me any less, or make any more of you."

2) Sometimes, less is more, especially in the words department.

and 3) Quit fighting yourself:

I'm working on all of it.

Speaking of Mikey, birthday season is in full swing and her party was last night. It was a good one! We started at a bar called Mad Bull's Tavern:

Clearly I hated my drink

Wow. Good job, iPhone.

I promise we did not coordinate matching lace shirts.
Then we headed across the street... to play LASER TAG. Not only that, but she had also rented out a party room. And it was decorated. Like... legit.

So. Many. Balloons.

The TV with her name on it omg.

Birthday girl under her TV sign
 After some ice cream, we were clearly ready to play laser tag. Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of us in our sweet vests, but I'm sure we all looked amazing. And then like any good laser tag party, it ended with some sweet arcade time. 

Car racing. Amanda vs. Kristen.

DDR. Duh.
Holy majoli. It was amazing. 

One final thing... I finally signed up for Instagram. I have no idea how it works. If you want to follow me, my username is ClearlyImNancePants. Haha. I'll report back on how it goes.

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