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Monday, April 29, 2013

The One Where You Learn My New Anytime Philosophy

So this past weekend was my friend Katie's birthday celebration, as we'll all remember from this little post where I talked about the cookies I was making for her. Well, first, the cookies were a huge smash. Second, we had an excellllent time at dinner at Mess Hall (learn more about this cool place here. Next time, I am demanding a fire pit table!) and then the Dresden afterwards. 

And I'm, like, the best blogger ever, so I took 3 pictures of the entire evening. Wah wah.

1st picture... I also made Katie hand-squeezed lemonade in addition to the cookies. This is how it was transported to her house:

Safety first, people! Also, let the record show that squeezing 6 large lemons still only yielded half a pitcher's worth of lemonade. I need a lemon squeezer! Which is not code for a man! Okay, maybe a little! Anyway!

So I get to Katie and Anthony's and we are discussing where we're going for the night and before we leave, Anthony was telling me about how at the Dresden, they have live music every night. But not just any type of music. Music akin to this:

Except it's the lady who plays the keyboard, not the man. But you get the picture. Naturally, I was excited. And he was totally right. Good job, Anthony.

So we proceed to dinner, where I take the only other 2 pictures of the night. 

Katie with a panda purse in front of her face...

And Mikey's terrifying shoes. And by terrifying, I mean awesome. Side note: Mikey, Amanda, and I painted at Wine & Canvas last weekend. Look at us being artistes:

Anyway, so we ate a TON at Mess Hall, some of us drank a ton, some of us also drank a ton at the Dresden, and some of us may have eaten a few cookies and some Chex mix and pasta salad when we arrived back to Katie and Anthony's house, but I'm not going to name names or point fingers. It was, truly, an excellent birthday. Since mine is coming up in a few weeks (prezzies are always welcome), hopefully I'll remember to take more pics for that! 

Oh, and speaking of birthdays... my new anytime philosophy:

Happy Monday, fools!

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