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Monday, April 22, 2013

The One Where We Take a Trip to Bass Pro Shops

OMG. Now I have seen it all. In case you couldn't tell from the content and design of this blog (if you don't really know me in real life) and in case you haven't been paying attention since you've met me (if you do know me in real life), I am not an outdoorsy girl. Camping is never on my top-10 vacation activity lists. The thought of peeing in the woods terrifies me. I tried to light a fire at the beach once... and I needed some assistance. 

Here's Amanda, helping me. I look crazed. Not sure why.

So, I'm sure it will come as no big surprise that prior to last weekend, I had never set foot in a Bass Pro Shops (BPS, if you're down with the lingo) store before. I know. I'll give you a moment to collect yourself.

But, my friends Katie (happy birthday, Katie!!!) and Anthony trekked out to the BPS near me so I obviously had to go say hello. Here they are in normal life. (They don't normally look so annoyed that I'm taking their picture.)

So I was at brunch with Amanda and her amigo, Ross, so we all went over together. The following ensued... I wish I was lying.

First, this is some of what the inside looks like. Hello... it's climate-controlled outdoors. I'm coming here more.

Is that a real man climbing a rock wall!? 

I <3 Meese

Next, we spotted some hideous camo "lingerie." 

Natch, I tried a version of it on. With a coonskin cap.

Definitely going to be my farmersonly.com profile pic
Then, I spotted some very flattering overalls and another hat to go with them:

Sass face.
Then we headed upstairs. And found a mummy-style sleeping bag that will keep you warm when it's 17 degrees outside. Obvi, Amanda had to try it out. And Ross looked like a displayer person on The Price Is Right. Except more creepy.

THEN it was time for shooting. KEEP IN MIND I had never held a gun before (let alone a shotgun!) in real life. Here was the scoring system:

<100 = You need practice!
100-200 = You're pretty good
etc. etc.
500+ = You're a pro!

Ross scored 534... I scored 13.

Annie Oakley I am not

But I looked totally profesh. So that's what counts.

Then... oh wait... where did I go?

A hat, too? Really?

The pièce de résistance for the day were the American flag shirts we discovered on our way out the door. I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Ross, trying to get his old-man belly just right.

They are ready for Florida.
All in all, a fun adventure. Katie and Anthony were looking at fishing bait the whole time, so they did not participate in our photo shoot, but swear to the bears they were there. I had so much fun I may even consider buying a whole bunch of crap from there and going camping. As long as I get my own tent. And someone brings coffee. And a bathroom. 

Happy Monday, everyone. :-)


  1. oh man! I have never been to BPS, but I kind of want to go now :)

    1. An entire world of wonder and amusement awaits you, so I recommend!!