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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The One Where You Just Get a Hint

I am finally home from AZ. But heading to a conference for my sorority this weekend. And THEN I am done traveling for the foreseeable future. And more blog posts will be written. I'm planning to write a full one tomorrow, but just to keep you all interested... behold:

A scary 80s cover band

A cactus named Franklin

The sassiest child alive

A Sasquatch statue
And much more to come. Stay tuned people, and happy hump day!!! (I only recently got over my aversion to that dumb phrase. Now, I like it. So if you don't, I understand, but get on board.)


  1. Franklin is awesome! He's proud to call Tucson home!! Carol H.

    1. Mom, if I didn't think it would kill him, I'd suggest digging him up and planting him in your yard!