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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The One Where You Learn I Like Options

First of all, our friendly mewling backyard cat just walked past our front window and it nearly gave me a heart attack. If you're gonna prowl around my yard, at least do it where I can't see you so you can't scare me!!!

Second, I think it's time for some

Weekly Obsessions!

I have a lot of music in this one, so get ready. (Or readaaaayyyy if you're up for it.)

1) JT's new single, Mirrors. Duh. The song, I am DIGGING. Especially the weird part at the end where he sounds like a strange robot... "You are-you are the love of my life." Hearts. The video just left me confused. My friend Lauren literally prowled around fan message boards to try to get some further insight onto the vision behind the video. If you have any you can give us, by all means, let me know.

Side note: I am still listening to the whole CD, so my opinion is not fully formed yet. Although I am also very much digging his song Pusher Love Girl. 

2) One of my favorite artists of all time is Rachel McGoye (check out her song Oh My My... It is Oh So Good), so while I was on Spotify yesterday, I clicked on Related Artists, to see if anyone else out there could thrill me like she does. And lo and behold, I come across Grace Weber and her version of Holocene. It literally gave me chills. Give it a listen.

3) The video for the song I Love it by Icona Pop is like your best drunken crazy night smushed into three minutes. So fun!!

4) This may be the whitest I'll sound in my entire life, but here goes. Last weekend, Amanda and I had spring break in Newport Beach and on Sunday morning(ish...) we went to Whole Foods for breakfast/lunch. And all I have to say is thank GOD I don't live next to a Whole Foods because I would seriously be there every single day for at least one meal. They have SO MANY OPTIONS. I LOVE OPTIONS. Every time I go to dinner, I wish I could just have a bite of basically everything on the menu instead of a whole plate of whatever. Whole Foods... keep doing you.

Endless choices!
5) Just... this. I need this in my life, along with an excuse to wear it!!

Okay, so, finally, I need to finish my story about Pittsburgh and then I can STOP talking about Pittsburgh and move on with my life. First of all, in some places out there, the signs that tell you what lane you need to be in come AFTER you make a turn and are written in about size 12 font. In other words, you can barely see them. That can be a problem when your GPS is also confused and calling roads one thing when the signs say another and then you come to a 5-way intersection and are so busy thinking about how anybody drives a stick shift in that town in the winter because the hills are so steep and probably get really icy that you are in the wrong lane and don't even know it until all of a sudden you're back on the freeway when you just got off. 

That's why God made liquor. To calm your nerves after living through such an ordeal.

Something else about Pittsburgh is the fact that there's a DINOSAUR in the airport! I love this guy!

So welcoming and friendly. Along with these guys.

Something else I was introduced to in Pittsburgh... Pure Barre. If you've never heard of Barre classes, you aren't missing much it is basically a workout class that incorporates a ballet barre. So juuuuuust in case you ever thought, ballet looks easy, this should be simple, you will quickly find out just how wrong, and out of shape, and fat you really are. It is NO WONDER dancers don't eat anything because having a 3-sided mirror staring at you the entirety of your workout makes you regret every time you've ever gone to McDonald's and not asked for dressing on the side. Especially when the girl next to you looks like a freaking Victoria's Secret model. Like... why are you here? Aren't you done? You don't need to work out anymore!

Horrible. Torture. Hate.
The worst part of the whole experience is the fact that the girl who taught it cuh-LEAR-ly knew I was going to be struggling throughout this whole experience so she planted herself right next to me so she could give me personalized tips the entire time. Like... leave me alone. 

Anyway, that about wraps that ish up. I'm leaving to go home for Easter tomorrow, bringing Amanda with me so she can go to Frost Gelato a hundred times, and then I'm staying in Arizona for more classroom observations. I will definitely have more fun things to report once I get back! In the meantime, I will leave you with my new favorite picture...

Best part = Peter Pan in the background

Just think of that if you're home for Easter and people start getting all weird, as families tend to do, and put on your best Oprah Bitch Face and say "Haterz exit" and carry on. 



  1. is there a pure barre studio out here? I think that I saw one in LA but that is waaay too far for a fitness class

    1. I think Pure Barre the brand is in LA, but there are different places around here that do barre-style classes. Amanda went to one recently, if you're interested!

    2. Hello! I went to Karingah! in Rancho Cucamonga. It was AWESOME! Painfully awesome! They also do Pilates and a signature style of afro-fusion movement called Karinghah! Check it out!

      I have never been to a Pure Barre.... I'm not that cool!

  2. There's a barre studio in Pasadena! A couple of my coworkers go there. I have declined all invitations to join them, and I'm pretty confident that I made the right decision... Thanks for the insight. :)

    1. Yeah, don't do it, girl. It's so annoying. I am all for tough workouts and all, but... just no.