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Friday, March 1, 2013

The One Where I Use the Word Blessed.

Oh. Mah. Gah. If I used words like "blessed" non-ironically, I would talk about how blessed I've been in the past couple months getting to see friends I haven't seen in a while and experiencing new things and going places and trying new foods and MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN. (Thank you, Shania...)

In continuing this period of awesome-sauce in my life, this past Tuesday Amanda and I went to live band karaoke at the same place where we saw Little Big Town not too long ago. Once again, it was one of those moments where one of us informed the other this was happening and then it was "You in?" "I'm in." And thus it was decided. Amanda got there before me (I was at D'Vine choir practice!) so I trotted on over after practice finished to find that Amanda had already made friends. Naturally.

Ignore the ignoramus in the background.
Sadly, I don't really remember their names. But they were fun. And then while we were waiting for my name to be called to go up on stage and rock out, we spied a SERIOUS dance floor creep. Like full on balls-to-the-wall dropping to his knees on the dance floor because ...????? I know from the following pic you cannot tell how creepy he is. Just trust me on this one.

Creep on the left. Cougar on the right.
I mean, you can kind of tell by his hunchback. Clearly he is trying to get his body close to that innocent lady's and make her understand why he is the best dancer in all of the union. Anyway, so eventually (like 15 minutes before closing) my name is CALLED and I rush on stage to yell Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" which is such an angry song. So, so angry. I pointed a lot while singing. And tried to get the crowd to sing along but they were having none of it. Come on, people. Next time you're out karaokeing, and the girl on stage tells you to sing along, you sing along. It's not like I was singing some obscure tune like Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers. (Anyone???)

Taken by the paparazzi.

All in all, great fun. And I got a burger for free out of the deal because it took 45 minutes for me to get a cheeseburger when no one else was ordering food. 

Free cheeseburgers should come with a thumbs up.

And now, we move on to Part II of this post, the part where I tell you I get to see yet another friend of mine this weekend. She goes by the name of Christa (because that's her name) and I haven't seen her face in almost 2 years. TWO YEARS, PEOPLE. That's criminally long. She's coming to California for a work conference (snore) but that doesn't start until Monday (yeah!) so we have the whole weekend to hang out. In case you are wondering, she looks like this:

This is my favorite picture of us ever taken. In case you think Christa is just pointing her fingers all creepy at the camera, you are wrong. She had just gotten engaged to one of the best men on the planet (his name is Tom) and she was showing off her ring. I, in case you are unsure, had made the unfortunate decision to pin my bangs completely off my head and am trying not to cry. Well, cry AGAIN since I had already cried tears of happiness for her when we did her candlelight. If you don't know what a candlelight is, you were obviously not in a sorority. Or have a friend who is obnoxious about how she used to be in a sorority. ANYWAY.

Here she is again, speaking at college graduation. BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME.

We have a fun-filled weekend planned including wine, a brewery, San Diego, sunshine, and hopefully lots of gossip. I mean information-exchanging. And if we wound up somewhere where karaoke is a possibility, I wouldn't be mad.

Happy Friday one and all!


  1. Their names were Cassandra and Carrie!

    1. I can't believe you remembered that and I did not.

  2. Live band karaoke! I wish I could have witnessed that; I'm sure it was awesome! Also, I am very obedient when pointed at and told to sing. If you ever need audience support, I got you!