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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The One Where I Get Mad At Facebook Ads

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Guys... GUYS. OMG. This literally just happened to me and I feel compelled to share. 

I was  just on Facebook, ya know, doin' my information gathering which some call stalking (potato, pahtahto) and you know how they have those ads on the side of Facebook? And they're usually related to whatever you've been googling lately because Facebook knows every single little bit about your life and isn't afraid to use it against you? Well, I've been looking at dresses lately, just to see what's coming out for spring and I have found some mega, MEGA cute ones...

Mama like.

But then, I see this Facebook ad for "Stylish, Plus-Size Dresses" AND THIS IS THE PICTURE ACCOMPANYING THE AD!!!!!

No. No, no, no. No. This is not stylish. This is scary. I almost need to go lie down after seeing this as a suggested item of clothing I may be interested in. Is that REALLY WHAT YOU THINK OF ME, FACEBOOK!

Also, apparently there's some kind of feral-ish cat that likes to hang out around our house and now that it's super warm and the windows are open, I heard this cat mewling in our backyard earlier tonight. It's been an all-around strange Thursday night. Hope yours is less strange and more stylish than mine!!

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