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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The One Where I Discuss My Random Morbid Curiosities

Okay. I have a serious problem and it's time we address it. I have an intense curiosity (bordering on obsession) about weird, freaky, make-your-skin crawl events. For example, I was totally fascinated and obsessed with that Carnival cruise ship experience from hell from last month.

A passenger literally kissing the ground after the ship docked back in Amurrica
 I L.O.V.E. the TV series Disappeared, which basically is just stories of people who up and vanished one day and there is usually either a sad ending or NO ENDING AT ALL because they still don't know what happened to the person and MY GOD. Can you imagine? My favorite one was about a woman who literally experienced a post-traumatic dissociative fugue and traveled around the country not really knowing who she was or even how old she was. It sounds like someone put a terrible hex on her, but dissociative fugues are real!!

My sister and I are also following the Jodi Arias case relatively closely. Well, maybe me a little more than her. She's busy being a mom and going to nursing school and planning a wedding, but we both agreed it's just a matter of basically minutes before they turn that insane circus into a Lifetime movie. She claims she killed her boyfriend out of self-defense, but then later that same day she went to her OTHER (live) boyfriend's house and had sex with him like everything was totes normal. That is not totes normal. That is totes cray. Plus, she looked like this prior to the trial...

And now during the trial her lawyers told her to look like this...
Not trustworthy.

And now my latest obsession... that sinkhole in Florida that basically opened up and ate a man in the middle of the night. Like, the ground was literally all, "I'm hungry! Time for a human!" and it opened up and he fell SIXTY FEET DOWN into the earth. So now, when I'm lying awake at night, I think "these could be my last moments before a sinkhole opens beneath me."

Not the Florida sinkhole but this is a REAL THING!
But in all reading about all of these things... there's a tiny part of me that finds them strangely exciting. That's weird, right? SOMEBODY PSYCHOANALYZE ME. Except not really. Because god only knows what kind of rabbit hole that would make us crawl down and maybe it's just better to leave some things unexplored. 

In conclusion, I hope I haven't given you too many things to think about before sleeping that will turn into nightmares, but at least my secret's out in the open now. Thank you for talking me through this!

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