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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One Where It's My Friday and I'll Cry if I Want To (Tears of Excitement, That Is)

I wanted to start this out saying "sorry my blogging has been lacking this week and it's only going to get worse" but then I was like, is that cocky? That basically assumes people are like "WHEN'S NANCEPANTS GONNA POST ANOTHER BLOG ENTRY?" when it's probably more like "..." But whatever. I have been crazy busy this week preparing for my trip to...

That's right! Spokane! The weekend of Nalla is upon us and if you're gonna get annoyed with me just talking about going to visit her, then don't read my blog for the week after I come back because it's just going to be one giant love fest. 

For now, though, let's keep it a little more sane with...

Weekly Obsessions

1) I canNOT get enough of The Girl Who Played With Fire, the second book in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Yeah, hi, I know it's not 5 years ago (or whenever everyone and their MOM was reading them) but I just got into them and I have to force myself to take breaks to, like, go to work. If you haven't read them, read them!

2) This article on Buzzfeed that is titled The 19 Dumbest Things That Google Is Forced to Suggest. The list includes one I just can't even... sigh. Anyway, it includes "Can Jesus microwave a burrito". WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN. It's like they put a bunch of cats in front of a bunch of keyboards, and this is what happened. And if that's really what happened... why?

3) The HORRIBLE (slash so intriguing because it's not happening to me) story about the Carnvial cruise ship that had the engine fire and was trapped in the ocean and people poo'd in bags (sorry, mom, but it's true) and had to sleep on the ship decks because it was stiflingly hot and raw sewage was slushing through the hall. I CAN'T STOP READING updates about it. They're supposed to pull into Mobile, AL tonight and then all those people are going to collectively get off that ship and throw up if they have to so much as look at another cruise ship in their entire lives. 

That picture shows how people have been sleeping on the boat for the past 4 nights. HORRIFYING. Yet SO INTRIGUING. I can't WAIT for the Lifetime movie to come out. 

So, in conclusion, I will NOT be posting another blog entry until at least next Tuesday. It will contain approximately a million bajillion pictures. And maybe a video of me karaoke-ing. And maybe a video of us snowshoeing. 

And I guess, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I will leave you with this someecard. I wish I had someone to send this too, but for now, I'll send it to myself, since I frequently do things that make me go "DAMN. I am AWESOME."