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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The One Where You See So Many Pictures of Me and Calla You Want to Vom

I can't believe it's only been a week since I posted on here. It feels like it's been, I dunno, approximately 500 years. As a rough estimate. SO, obviously, you've all been waiting with bated breath... Here comes more Nalla love!!! 

So I hopped on my plane last Friday morning, so excited I could hardly sit still. I didn't know I could feel excitement like that anymore. I thought it had died in me once I learned Santa and my parents were one and the same. (JOKES, Mom. I know Santa is real.)

I got to witness THIS while flying:

Yeah, that's the Grand Canyon!
Neat. Love. Good job, Mother Nature. But out of my way because I have people to see and places to go! Fly faster, plane! So I finally make it to Spokane where the weather was "gorgeous" but I am still glad I brought my wool coat because this girl cannot handle it when it's less than 60 degrees. So much for going to college in Michigan. 

I debated how I was going to write the rest of this post because obvi we took about 200 pictures and that's a lot for one blog post and no one cares about us as much as we do, so I selected my 10 favorite pics from the trip. If you need more, check em out on Facebook. And if you can't because we're not Facebook friends, fix that.

Let's start with Friday night... we had wine, chocolate-covered almonds, and Calla and Jack's cat Obie to keep us company while we made these FREAKIN SWEET TSHIRTS. I have realized in the last few days that trying to explain why we made tshirts to anyone who was not in a sorority is a near-impossible task. So, if you're confused as to why we made them, just accept it, laugh at this picture where we look like dance moms, and move on.

Yep. Haterz exit.
Sigh. Love. We wore our shirts to our spa day (heaven) and then on to sushi and shopping. I know, could I be more annoyingly girly right now? But we had to go shopping to see if we needed anything for our epic night out at MAMA'S. (Emphasis is mine.) We didn't find anything for Mama's, but we did find a mall photo booth...

So... this happened.

So Mama's is a terrifying bar in Spokane where they serve "Thai food" and pint glasses just filled with liquor and their karaoke selection is actually quite good. Clearly we needed to go. 

So we put our tranny heels on...

Took a pre-bar shot...

And headed out for some fun!

The infamous MAMA on the left!
Heidi (on the left) looks so unhappy. But Calla's x-treme jazz hands are to die for. Amanda (in the middle) and Courtney (on the right) were killin it on this song!
We don't think about stranger danger sometimes.
Needless to say, we were not in tip-top shape the next day. But guess what's like the best hangover cure ever? Snowshoeing. I know, I know. You drink coconut water or take a shot of tequila or eat home fries and a ham sandwich and I SWEAR IT WORKS EVERY TIME, but come on. Nothing works like snowshoeing. Especially when you're snowshoeing in NARNIA.

Tiny me on the left, tiny Jack on the right

MAJESTIC. Also, snowshoeing is hard, yo. I fell a few times. Once right after saying "haters gonna hate" about something stupid and then I looked even more dumb because my face was on the ground the next second. Oh well!!

Monday was spent trying not to be sad, painting pottery, and seeing Save Haven that new Nicholas Sparks movie, which, if you haven't seen it GOOOO. It's so good. I am listening to the soundtrack a lot these days. Two thumbs up. 

But, like all good things, this trip came to an end, too. We pouted.

I don't know when Nalla will be reunited next (or why my hand is under my chin like a total effing weirdo) but I'm pretty sure we'll explode if we go too long without seeing each other, so it won't be an eternity! I'll leave you with some of our best quotes of the weekend (yes, we write them down) which will hopefully make you laugh, and might make you cry... from laughing so hard.

Calla (apropos of nothing): "How have we not been arrested yet?"
Me: "No one knows."

"He looks like a cross between a German dictator and Ben Franklin."

Calla, talking about Enrique Iglesias: "His music, I could take or leave. I would lick him, though."

Me, talking about my picture on my license: "I look like a lesbian fish bitch."

Jack: "That's the nice thing about marriage. You throw up less."

Me, packing my giant suitcase to head home: "Tell ya what. Next time, I'll pack less. How does that sound?"
Calla: "Like lies."

Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry. I'll be discussing the following:

- Dove chocolates (different from what I posted on Facebook. I apparently have SO MUCH to say about Dove chocolates.)
- Nicolas Cage
- The book I am currently reading
- My weight loss update (awoohoo!)


  1. Um, I could not possibly love this blog post/stalking the Nalla reunion more. Love your hair, Nan and LOVE the shirts. In the words of Calla, "Mama likesssssss."

    1. Hahaha thanks Hillary!! So glad we could entertain you :)