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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The One Where It Looks Like a 5 Year Old Put This Post Together

Happy Super Bowl Sunday/Beyonce Day! I myself have no plans to watch the Super Bowl, but you can bet I'll be watching the halftime show. I am super excited to watch Queen B own that stage! First up in this post...

Weekly Obsessions!

Number 1) Last Sunday, we had friends over for dinner (and by "we" I mean my roommates and by "had them over for dinner" I mean I did none of the cooking) and I was requested to be the dessert maker for the evening. So I hemmed and hawed over what to make...

Google "hem and haw" and this is what comes up. I don't like it.

And I finally decided I was going to make this Greek yogurt/peanut butter pie. I wasn't sure about it when I first ate some... then I froze it and it was ten times more amazing. The recipe is here for those interested and this is more or less what you can expect it to look like:

Picture courtesy of GirlGoneMom.com

Number 2) The movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I watched on Monday night while doing laundry... I mean, doing anything else that does not make me sound so adult and lame. I had never seen it before, rented it from the library (holla free movie rentals!) and I loved it SO much. Recommend to everyone and their mom (including my own mom). 

George Clooney is even hot as a fox. There's another pun in there somewhere involving him being foxy while being a fox, but I'm not gonna do all the work for you on that one.
Number 3) This song! So much fun to run to! How We Do (Party) by Rita Orr. 

This song is going to be the theme of my sister's nursing school graduation/bachelorette party. I feel bad for anyone who will come into contact with us that night since all we'll be doing is yelling "WE WANNA PARTY AND BULLSHIT! AND PARTY AND BULLSHIT!" at them. If it happens to you, don't say you weren't warned.

Speaking of my sister, Laura... She, her fiance Ryland, the dog Paws, and my mom all came here for a quick visit last night. Long story short, Paws is now living with Ryland instead of my sister and they traded him at my house, which is the halfway point between them. From the second she arrived in my driveway, Laura was asking if I was going to "take a picture and blog about this?!" So, yes. I took lots and lots of pictures of this 18 hour adventure so let's take a little visual journey, shall we? Full disclosure: I tried to like arrange these pictures and make comments by them, but I guess I don't really know how to totally do that, so sorry this is so janky. 

We started with a healthy snack of water crackers and cookie butter and white wine. Snack of champions.

Wine time! 

Paws really wanted some cookie butter, too, but his wish was never granted.

 Laura, telling stories. Amanda, unsure if she believes what Laura is saying.


"Picture Homer Simpson, in a wig, with a retainer!" 

Not 100% sure what was happening here...

Then I just had to take a picture of Ryland wearing his CROCS AND SOCKS so I could publicly shame him about them on here and Facebook. What. The. Heck. As my mom said, it's obviously true love if my sister is willing to accept this "fashion" choice.

Laura's wedding dress (which Ryland has seen, so it's okay if he sees it) and their Save the Dates! Eeek! So excited for Hawaiian wedding!!

And Amanda and I were unintentional twinsies. And since we were at my house, I had to change, so....

I tried on Ryland's shirt as a joke and we decided I looked like a lesbian. This was WAY funnier when we were taking the picture. Now it just looks kind of sad!

  We clearly needed more wine.

"Gang's all here!"


TRUE CRAB LURVE (Celine Dion love).
                                                                                                              At the end of the night. I think my mom was cry-laughing.
This is apparently how Paws likes to snuggle before bed.

Overall, a really fun night! Everyone had to get back on the road to head home this morning, but even a short visit is better than nothing. Looking forward to more family shenanigans at Easter!


  1. I may be slightly biased, BUT, I'm pretty sure this is your best blog yet!!! Way to capture the trip in it's entirety :)

    1. Thank you, thank you! I'm sure you're only the tiniest bit biased :-)