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Monday, February 11, 2013

The One Where You Learn Bieber Is Only 5'6"

So, being six feet tall has some serious advantages. First, I can reach things off high shelves. Second, I have an automatic reason to ride shotgun over most people. Third, I can navigate through the crowds at Disneyland easier since I can see over everyone's head and see where the breaks in the crowd are. Fourth, my long legs get me places quickly (for example, the Starbucks in the airport when I only have 35 minutes between flights and I landed at gate A2 and leave out of gate A78). So, ya know, being tall pretty much rules. 

FYI, don't try to google Tall People Unite, which I did to try to find a picture to put here. Strange, foul things come up. Just trust me and move on.

I don't normally go around thinking about how tall I am, unless I'm standing next to a particularly short person or I'm standing next to someone significantly taller than me, which has only happened maybe four or five times in my ENTIRE LIFE. I do, however, think about my height more when looking at celebrities because seriously guys, most celebrities are SO MUCH SMALLER than you think they are.

I mean, The Biebs is only 5'6".

Granted, this picture is kinda old, but he has not experienced a growth spurt since this photo was taken, I am positive

Usher is only 5'8"!

Kind of looks like he's doing Gangam Style, amirite???
Tom Cruise has a whole buncha crazy packed into 5'7".

This just screams "mentally stable."
A few other notably short male celebs: 

Michael J. Fox - 5'4"
Robert Downey, Jr. 5'7"
Mark Wahlberg 5'8"
Daniel Radcliffe - 5'5"
Ryan Seacrest - 5'8"

(PS - All these heights were taken from Googling "how tall is [fill in the blank], so obviously if I read it on the internet, it must be true.)

Now, OBVIOUSLY, I am aware that the odds of me even standing next to one of these guys in my life are small. So I don't really have to worry about taking a picture with any of them, especially in heels, and embarrassing them by towering over them like some fabulous goddess. 

Much like this.

But in my real life, I have found a lot of guys are intimidated by, or simply not attracted to, taller girls. I was listening to Wake Up With Taylor on XM's Cosmo Radio the other day and she is doing a segment this month called 30 Guys in 30 Days and the guy they were interviewing said while he himself is only 5'8" (he's Puerto Rican), he prefers girls who are "pretty small, like almost diminutive." And I thought to myself... Okay, well, first I thought "Hey BUDDY you'd be lucky to date someone tall and fabulous! I don't think you could handle it!" And then when I got ahold of myself I thought, I can kind of understand that because I'd love to date a guy who makes me feel small, but realistically the odds of that happening are basically NIL. I've only dated 1 guy who was taller than me (by half an inch). The rest have all been shorter. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, you can't discriminate against a potential dating partner because of their height. Which is not to say I don't find it vaguely annoying when I see a couple and the girl is like 4'9" and the guy is like 6'7", because I do. But I think more dudes need to be open to dating a girl who can easily reach stuff off the top shelf at the grocery store, even if they cannot. I mean, let's all just let Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman set a good example for us, shall we?

So much love for them.
So, if you're still looking for your perfect match (short, tall, medium, or otherwise) let this bring you some chuckles in the meantime. And a moment of gratitude that there truly is someone out there for everyone.

Is she holding an ocelot? What kind of animal is this?


  1. every one of those men you named is taller than me. ouch.

  2. As another six footer, I love this. LOVE IT. We have this friend here in DC who is really tall, as in, I feel short/normal about him, and he recently informed me that he only dates tall girls. I was THRILLED I tell you, and GIDDY, as if I was still on the market. Because I just want some justice in this world.

    1. So basically what I'm hearing you say is I need to come out to DC and meet this man haha.

  3. that creepy beast is a sloth. http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/eventually.jpg

    bein' all slothy.