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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The One Where You're Not 100% Sure I Didn't Have to Slaughter a Goat in College

Okay, seriously, I think I just achieved the impossible. I ran out of shampoo and conditioner AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME SHOWER. WHAT. When has that ever happened before?!!! Answer: never. I think I deserve a prize from the universe. 

Anyway, lemme finish my Arizona story and then we can continue.

After living in Arizona for almost my entire growing-up life (from the age of 5 until I flew the coop and went off to Michigan for college), I can honestly say that there is no other place in the US like it. Given that I haven't been around the world yet, I can't say there's no other place in the world like it, but I'm pretty confident it stands alone in Amurrica.

And not because you can still ride around town on a horse with a pistol and a saloon girl like it's NBD (no big deal). But rather because it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I've ever been to. It took until I was about 22 to start to realize how gorgeous Arizona is. And it took until I lived in LA for about 6 months to realize that holy sheet, having clean air and being able to actually see the mountains that are right in front of your face and like a bajillion stars at night is awesome sauce.

Look at that sunset!

Arizona is also unique in its wide variety of nightlife it can offer you, for example the empty bar I posted a picture of last time, called [I kid you not] Denim and Diamonds.

Wuzzup, truck coming out of the wall.
Or a place that has a burger called The Sasquatch, which is a burger with two grilled cheeses for the bun.

My friend, Shawn, eating The Sasquatch. (He is not that creepy in normal life.)

And you never know what you're going to find on the side of the road...

What the heck was in that bag?

Another picture of Franklin, just because.

And lots of opportunities to stay hydrated... At least when you're at my parents' casa...

Note: he is drinking whiskey and it wasn't even noon.

Wine times with my sister!
My Pinterest obsession is paying off!!!!! 
And fruit has a lot of water in it... Isn't this Martha Stewart-level?? Good call, Amanda!
Then I helped my niece put on some tattoos...

And debated buying a lollipop with a scorpion in it... But decided no. 

And Amanda and I went to The Biosphere, which is really hard to explain. But it's cool. Read up if you don't know what it is! Here's my extremely abbreviated version: back in the day, this rich dude named Chuck Bass [click to see Chuck in a onesie... just because]... Oh wait, something Bass. But not Chuck Bass. Anyway, he donated a BOATLOAD of money so this facility could be built where scientists could go in and study all how plants and stuff grow in all different environments around the world, except all in one place and they could control the details. In the 90s, a group of scientists got locked in for 2 years to do mad experimentation and then they had to be let out because they were basically starving. So... it's cool.

Good job stitching your panoramic picture together evenly, Nan.
The creepy tunnel we had to go down to one of The Lungs!
Amanda, inside The Lung!
Science rip-off of Carmen Sandiego.
So, overall, Arizona pretty much rocks. I'm so glad I went home for Easter and I am really looking forward to going back at some point this summer. Even though it's going to be about 1 million degrees outside. That's why God made air conditioning. And mojitos. And swimming pools.

Anyway, this weekend, I was at a mini-conference thing for my sorority. I didn't take very many pictures, except of this ballin key that was set up in the room of the woman who hosted our hotel room wine party/meet-and-greet on Friday night. Which was awesome. 

And my friends Kristen and Mikey. 

This weekend was amazing. It was really inspiring and made me want to go out and be a better Kappa! Even though I'm not an active member, being an alum is just as cool and it was so fun to be around other Kappas and talk to everyone about all the goats we had to slaughter when we were hazed back at school.

I will finally be home for the entire week this week, and I have some good posts planned in my head, so look for more soon!

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