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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The One Where We Keep Calm Because Summer Is Coming

Holy. Cow.

I just thought about how peaches and nectarines are about to be in season and I literally had to refrain from squealing with joy.

Is there anything better than a fresh summer peach? No.

Except maybe a super fluffy dog. Make that, two super fluffy dogs.

Some other things I always look forward to when summer rolls around:

1) Lazing around at the pool

2) Lazing around at the beach

My favorite beach EVER at Kiawah Island, SC
3) "But... I have to eat ice cream. If I don't, I'll get too hot."

4) Terrrrrrrrible summer tv shows

Chris Harrison means 1 thing: it's Bachelor(ette) Time!!!
5) Corn on the cob

I know, I know. It's still snowing in some parts of the country (not here, THANK GOD) and it doesn't even feel like spring has truly sprung here yet, but IT'S COMING. I KNOW IT'S COMING. 

Something else I feel like we need to talk about that is completely unrelated to the rest of this post... Gwyneth Paltrow. Are you kidding me? She is seriously the most beautiful woman in the world? I protest, mostly on the grounds that she is SO not down with the people, the last thing she needs is even more of an ego boost. I mean for god's sake, she has a recipe for a baked potato on her stupid website that's stuffed with caviar. 


And PS, that better not be your entire dinner. I learned the hard way on my second cruise that eating just a baked potato for dinner does not a smart girl make. 

If I could talk to that girl now, I'd tell her, "You moron. EAT A STEAK."

And there's your lesson for the week. More steak. Less potatoes for dinner. Because when everyone else can get off the boat to go to Papa's and Beer the next day, you will be wishing you were dead. 


  1. Imma have to go against your recommendation and stick to potatoes for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. And 4th meal. Potatoes all day!!

    1. Let me clarify... I love potatoes! Just not as the ONLY part of the meal. You need something else with it, too!