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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The One Where I'm Turning into Carol Hankel

First of all, I am planning an epic birthday weekend recap blog post for later this week. I'm still processing, which is partly why it isn't happening today. The other reason is that today is (der) Mother's Day. Just in case you're living under a rock. In which case, who is your wireless provider because I obviously need to switch to that cell phone service. 

Anyway. In honor of Mother's Day, I decided to write a post about How I Know I Am Turning Into My Mother, like the things I say and do where I say them or do them and I think "Oh Lord. I am Carol Hankel!" Which is not a bad thing. My mom is pretty freaking awesome.

We love smiling.

Christmas, 2008!

I used to be really blonde...

More Christmas...

High School graduation!! I hated the skirt I was wearing!

We <3 Keith Urban

Blurry @ the Brad Paisley concert....

So I compiled a list of how I know I'm turning into my mother and asked friends for their own experiences where they feel like they're turning into their moms. Names removed to protect the innocent :-) Without further ado, I know I'm turning into my mother when...

My list:
1. I come home from yoga at 9 PM and bleach the ever-loving hell out of my kitchen because I just can't stand to go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes.

2. I cry at pictures of golden retrievers comforting victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

3. I find myself thinking "what is this noise?" more often than not when putting on the radio.

4. I listen to more and more talk radio and talk to the radio as though the person on the other end can hear me.

5. I always bring a sweater.

My friends' responses:
1. When I make my family sit down at the breakfast table so we can eat like civilized human beings and I put on the classical music. (My sister said this one... it's so true. We grew up listening to classical music at breakfast!)

2. When I call a teenager a "pissant"

3. When I reflexively repeat the phrase, 'good cooks clean up their mess' to my husband in my Mom Voice.
4. The first time I became aware that I was twirling a chunk of my hair and putting it between my lips while staring at my computer screen...while making the EXACT SAME HORRIBLE NOISE that my mom makes.
5. When I instinctively search out a loved one to lick the beaters after I finish making cake batter, then get all bent out of shape if no one wants it.

6. I sound exactly like my mother, on the phone especially!

7. My mom has this habit, or maybe it's a tick, of repeating her responses to questions. So here's an example...
Me: Mom, do you think we should leave for the game by 1?
Mom: I do, I do.

8. Many of our mannerisms and facial expressions are the same to the point where I really do feel like I am becoming my mother.

9. When I say things like, "Dust is dirt!" and then become an obsessive clean-aholic for a day. (We differ in that I get clean-crazy about once a month, where she is a daily clean freak!)
10. When I start telling my boyfriend EXACTLY what I want for a gift, providing details down to the name of the store where he can buy the thing I want and when during the week would be a good time for him to go to this store to purchase it.
11. I know I am turning into Nancy's Mom when I use the word scuttlebutt. (My mom does enjoy that word!) 
12. When I burn approximately 90% of the food I cook for myself.
13. When I start sending motivational quotes to her (instead of the other way around).

Compiling this list was delightful. It's funny to see these things my friends mentioned and to learn that they are things they got from their moms! Not to get all generic and cliche on you, but I'm grateful for my mom and hope to emulate her more and more as I become an adult. Calla posted the following on Facebook today and I liked it so much, I wanted to put it here. Happy Mother's Day to every mother reading this!!

This mother's day, to those who gave birth for the first time this year - we celebrate you. to those who are struggling with the new life changing challenges of motherhood - we support you. to those who are in the trenches with little ones every day & wear the badge of food stains, tired eyes & frizzy hair - we appreciate you. to those who experienced loss through miscarriage, failed adoptions or other tragedy - we mourn with you. to those who experience the hard path of infertility fraught with pokes, prods, tears & disappointment - we walk with you. to those who are foster moms, mentor moms or spiritual moms - we need you. to those who have warm & close relationships with our children - we cherish you. to those who have disappointment, heartache or distance with our children - we sit patiently with you. to those who are pregnant with new life, both expected or surprising - we anticipate with you. mothering is not for the faint of heart. we remember you, love you and thank you.


  1. Well, this was certainly quite a post. I laughed and cried (what else is new?!) Thanks for placing me on the proverbial pedestal for one day! Hooray for mothers, both here and gone.

    1. Haha Mom, you are more than welcome. I love you!