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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The One Where We Keep It Positive, Part II

Well, cat's outta the bag. This is not a blog for men. I know, big surprise considering a) men don't really read blogs like the ladies do, b) I write about things like Troop Beverly Hills, and c) 95% of my friends (and therefore potential probable reading base) are female.

So, men, consider yourself warned. If you came here for manly content, just head on over to here instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BROWqjuTM0g

Anyway, for those of you who are still here, I want to continue my focusing on the positive and this time review some of my most recent favorites in the fashion and beauty product sectors because I always like reading/hearing what other people's favorites are. Never know if you might find your new favorite product, too!


Some of my current fashion faves include:

1) Denim jackets. Now, to be fair, I've been a fan of denim jackets basically forever. I love them because they can be dressed up or down; like regular jeans, the wash makes all the difference; you can rock one whether you're 6 months or 90 years old; and they automatically make me feel summery even if I'm wearing one in the winter. My absolute favorite denim jacket is from the Gap outlet. Gap denim jacket for liiiiiife.

Example of what my future offspring will look like.

2) Sam Edelman Gigi sandals. I had a brown pair a couple summers ago and literally wore them out. They're super cute and come in a billion colors. I love these minty-turquoisey ones!

3) Old Navy makes some great medium-high quality workout gear. If you're on a budget, their stuff is definitely worth trying. My favorite piece from them is their compression workout tank. It stays in place even in downward dog during yoga!

 4) This orangey-red dress from Anthropologie.
Amanda and me at my Casa JuNanSki's Easter brunch

I tried to find it on their website but I could not seem to find it. This one's kind of close, but not exactly the same. But this is less about the actual dress than that one dress every woman should have which makes her feel beautiful and fun, which this dress definitely does for me!


Beauty products. I am not super fussy/obsessed with hair, makeup, and body products. In fact, to be 100% honest, my hair very VERY rarely actually has any product in it. I wash it maybe twice a week and let it air dry. 

1) In between washings, I'll use dry shampoo so I don't look like a total greaseball. I've tried a few different kinds and my absolute favorite is Rockaholic by Bed Head. It's AMAZING. I typically buy it at Nordstrom Rack since it's cheaper there than at Ulta.

My trick with dry shampoo is to ideally spray it on your hair before you go to bed and then while you're sleeping, and tossing during the night, it'll get all up in your hairs and do its job. But if I forget and have to spray it in the morning, I spray it up in there (liberally), let it sit for a good five minutes, work my fingers through my hair like I was actually shampooing it, and then brush it. Works like a charm.

2) NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation powder. I think this is a great sub for Bare Minerals. And it's LESS THAN $10! 
stay matte but not flat powder foundation NYX
3) Coconut oil. Yeah, I am 100% on this bandwagon. I have super dry lizard skin like all the time (I know... So attractive) and I find if I slather myself up in this after a shower, the lizardness is significantly decreased. My hair isn't really the right texture to use it as a hair mask, but I know Nicole over at Treasure Tromp does this. Plus coconut oil makes a great makeup remover. I've also heard rumors it does wonders for keeping stretch marks at bay when you're with child. Obvi, I can't attest to that. 

4) Dior Addict perfume. My sister and I both love this fragrance. It is, simply, delicious. In the winter (well, Southern California "winter") I spray my scarves with this and then spend the whole day burying my nose in my scarf so I can smell it whenever I want! It's a little heavy for summer but I don't care. I wear it year round. #yolo

5) And, of course, the ultimate accessory: confidence! I am a firm believer you can wear or try literally ANYTHING if it's worn with confidence.

Still no word on my car. Boo. 

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