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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The One Where the First Goal is to Not Drive off a Cliff (Part 2)

So before we get to the second part of the road trip recap, can I just say I am importing CDs into my iTunes, which I haven't done in approximately forever and it's bringing back the memories like crazy. Like how in 11th grade, when I basically made the exact same mix CD throughout the entire year, just putting the songs in a different order each time. I'm pretty sure Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard was my most-listened to song on iTunes that year. Or like my first year of grad school when Amanda and I each made one another 6 CDs to listen to on our respective drives home for the Christmas break. Or like in college when I discovered that you could get CDs (and DVDs) through the library's ILL system, which I took full advantage of and I'm pretty sure at least 1/4 of my music is from that alone.

Anyway, back to Road Trip Adventures!

So after we left Laura and Ryland's...

PS, thanks for hosting us and making us coffee
PPS, don't uninvite me from Thanksgiving even though I've made fun of your Crocs and socks approximately 800 times
PPPS, did I mention you're my favorite brother-in-law?

We drove up to Capitola, which is a cool little town about 30 miles north of Monterey right near Santa Cruz. Our first stop in Capitola... Gayle's, which is a restaurant/bakery and happens to be where Laura and Ryland got their wedding cake. And oh what a cake it was. Full disclosure: we ate at Gayle's 3 times in less than 3 days and everything we got was amazing. Seriously, SO GOOD. Worth the drive from wherever you live, yes, including not North America.


We also met a very cute dog, who I tried to take a picture of. Sorry for the awful (potato) quality.

She was so cute and tiny and soft!

From there, we met up with Amanda's (for all intents and purposes) Mom, Sandy, and sister, Annelise. They decided to come down from Sonoma and meet us in Capitola. They got a hotel room, which we slept in the first night but the second night we felt bad for Lucy and slept in her again.

Anyway, Sandy and Annelise are the best, and they came bearing wine, a variety of cheese, and enthusiasm for taking selfies. Oh, and a horrible story about how they had recently attended a wedding where there were styrofoam plates?!!!????!?!???!?! It's one thing to use styrofoam if you are having a backyard bbq wedding (bride burgers and groom burgers as we are apt to say in my family) and wearing a white cotton skirt from Old Navy in lieu of a wedding dress but no. This was trying to be a classy affair. So this launched us into a discussion of hilarious/horrible things we've all seen at or heard about at weddings. And just solidified my decision to not actually have a wedding whenever that time comes but rather, drive through Elvis in Vegas followed by karaoke and a massive amount of food. God, where was I? Oh right. Capitola. This is what it looks like!

Annelise, Amanda, and Sandy! Ready to party!

That night, we went to dinner at this AMAZING restaurant called Shadowbrook. Holy cow, this place was delicious.

And my iced tea came in this amazing DIY pitcher!

Also, on our walk to the restaurant we passed by this cool trestle bridge.

And, because no road trip is complete without Amanda doing something slightly illegal or at the very least against the posted rules, she tried to prove how she could climb up the fire escape even though the hotel had tried to block it off, but... tell Amanda "don't do that" and she hears "try this". Haha!

 We went to this ridiculous bar for a drink after dinner, which included Kamikaze shots for everyone (except me... I was still taking antibiotics at this point).

And dancing. I mean... hair-whipping, barefoot, sweaty dancing. And I'm pretty sure the guy on the left of this picture was wearing a zoot suit.

In the morning, I looked out the window to see a billion kids barreling towards us down the beach. Apparently it was the Junior Lifeguards! Fun! 

We walked to Gayle's for breakfast the next day and saw some amazing flowers and gardens on the way there. Capitola knows how to plant!

Also, not flowers, but a pretty cool gate. I was impressed!

Sidewalk art, of course. 

Many cookies were purchased/eaten.

On our way back, we stopped in a thrift store and Amanda bought this INSANE purple dress for her upcoming masquerade party. I mean... truly, a gem.

And in Capitola, if you have an emergency, this is apparently how to get an emergency response. Ha!

Sandy found her favorite bumper sticker ever (sorry, Mom)!

I contemplated buying this shirt, but settled for a picture instead.

And the sass continued with Amanda's new favorite sign.

For once, my foot looked small!!! 

Lucy, enjoying the view in Capitola.

The second night, we decided to go to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and stopped at a restaurant first for drinks/sort of dinner. They gave us our check in a book... Klingon version of Shakespeare to be exact. 

The Santa Cruz boardwalk was amazing. And since it was Tuesday, every ride was only $1. I REPEAT, ONE DOLLAR FOR A RIDE. AWESOME!

Post-roller coaster joy!!

Deep-fried Oreos!

Nausea-inducing swings!

Deep-fried cheese!

Weird creatures!

The coolest carousel!

My new boyfriend!

Bumper cars!!! 

 Kids on shoulders!

But, of course, at some point, the fun had to all end. Unfortunately. So we went back and slept in the van again. Amanda took a picture of what it was like up in the Penthouse. Much more spacious than you might think. Definitely big enough for 2 people!

 On our way out of town we stopped at Gayle's AGAIN (stop judging me) and bought our final round of treats. I wanted this beehive cake, but refrained.

 So many sweets!!!

And we wound our way back to LA mostly down the PCH, which was so beautiful. These pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. If you haven't ever done that drive (especially if you live in California already!) you have to at some point. It was just SO BEAUTIFUL.

We stopped at one point called McWay Falls, and while we didn't really have time to full on stop and hike down closer to the waterfall, we got some good pics from the road above.

Road sign advice is the best advice.

So, we made it back to LA and due to rush hour traffic, ended up returning Lucy after hours, but the Jucy people were totally cool about it, so customer service points to them. We got back on Tuesday night and then the next morning I woke up and got on a plane for Houston, Texas where I went to my sorority convention. Which, I'm sure sounds amazing to some (Nicole, I'm looking at you) and like a total nightmare to others (Amanda, I'm looking at you). I, of course, fell on the side of "this was so amazing I wish this was my life all the time!!!!!!!" That recap will be next! 

In the meantime, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are fully recovered from 4th of July partying by tomorrow. I am in denial about it being Sunday and also refuse to drain the kiddie pools still set up in our backyard because that's called being an adult.

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