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Friday, January 18, 2013

The One Where I Make Carrot Fries & Friday Faves

Oh lordy. TGIF, for realz.

This weekend, my running partner Shelly and I are running (well, more like run-walking, at least on my part) the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland. I should be as excited as this baby...

but instead I feel more like this guy:

This mainly has to do with the fact that I have barely been running during my training during these last few months. I've been doing cardio, true. And lots of strength training. But not very much running. I may be dead come Sunday morning. Divvy up my belongings amongst yourselves accordingly.

In other, less depressing news, tonight I made carrot fries and holy sweet Mary mother of baby Jesus they were SO GOOD. I saw the recipe on Pinterest (where else?) and decided they were easy enough so I gave them a shot and I'm so glad I did. I had to stop myself from eating all of the ones I made since I cut up 6 whole carrots. And I'm not expert, but even though they're carrots, I still think eating six entire ones is probably not a wise idea. Below are a couple pics I took during the carrot fry making process. (As you can tell from the quality, and off-centeredness, of these pictures, this will never be a food blog with pretty, Photoshopped, fancy pictures.)
The olive oil I drizzled over top. Yum!

This picture is way more aggressive than I wanted it to be, but there you have the final result!

 Also, since I like to end the work week with a bang, I've decided I'm going to do a Friday Faves section on here every week. Well, every week that I post on a Friday. So, hopefully every week. We'll see! Without further ado...

Friday Faves, Version 1.0

Basically, I want this section to be stuff I am digging this week. 

Number 1) Obvi, the carrot fries. They taste almost like sweet potato fries but will remain on your hips so much less than sweet potatoes! 

Number 2) My friend Calla, who has lost a ton of weight in the past few years, suggested I set goals with rewards for meeting the goals throughout my weight-loss journey. So my first goal will be to lose 20 pounds by May 1st. And my reward will be this bag (drool) 

You may purchase this beauty here

Number 3) This picture:

It is important to me that I find out WHY this child was forced to take this picture.

And finally, Number 4) Cosmo had a psychologist analyze Jennifer Lawrence's and Anne Hathaway's Golden Globes acceptance speeches. I wish they did this every time! Read here. I am 1000% Team Jennifer Lawrence these days and -1000% Team Hathaway. I mean... you can't beat this:

Any celeb who can admit to shaking like a chihuahua before an interview gets 2 thumbs up!

My friends Shelly and Sam are coming over for movie night any second. Better eat the rest of the carrot fries before they get here...

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