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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The One Where It's Ladies Night

Okay, so before I regale you with my tale of Ladies Night from last night, I first just have to say this. I went to Lowe's today to get something and to what do my wondering eyes should appear but two poodles wearing scarves, spreading good cheer! At least, spreading good cheer to me. And yes, they were on leashes with their people inside Lowe's, not like by themselves (although if I had a poodle, I might consider training it to run errands for me). I did not take a picture of them because I didn't want to be too creepy, but this is essentially what they looked like, minus the hats (although I wish there had been hats):

Thanks, Shutterstock!
Could he be any cuter?! God, I just HAD to share.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. So, before last night I hadn't been out-out with my ladies in quite a while. I don't even really remember the last time we properly went out, to be honest (which either means it's either my memory or social life which is failing). So when my friend Laura (not to be confused with my sister Laura, even though they are both gorgeous and small with long, blonde hair) texted me the other day to see if I wanted to get a drink soon I immediately replied "Yes. Let me round some people up." And round 'em up, I did. We started at my house, getting ready, sippin' on gin and juice, the usual.

I convinced Laura to wear my hat and then told her to look like a Hipster. She's too smiley to be a hipster.

Left to right: Sam, Amanda, Laura, Kara (sorry you got blinded by the light, Sam!)
By the way... the red and black combo was NOT planned. But was fun. And made it easy to find each other. So first stop... sushi. Um, duh. You don't start all your ladies nights with sushi? Why not? Sake bombs are almost always on the house if you know what you're doing... Which we apparently did! And Laura had a re-match with our waiter when he claimed he beat all of us in the first round (only because he was cheating).

Setting up for the re-match. Done the right way this time!


Needless to say, Laura won and we screamed. Sorry to the other patrons in the restaurant. Then we went back to my house to re-group and during the drive, had a dramatic, but AMAZING, full-car sing along to THIS:

So much Brit Brit love in one car. After our re-group, we cabbed over to this "club" kind of near my house called Oasis. Which used to be so much better, and is now small and sad and full of under-21s. But we still had a good time. 

I don't know why I cannot smile normally after I have just one ounce of alcohol.
And we terrorized our cab driver on the way back asking him to take us to Mexican food, but there was nowhere open. So we made grilled cheese at home instead. Also, mad props to this recipe for introducing me to the beauty that is grilled cheese made in rosemary butter. Delicious. 

Overall, an extremely successful evening, made even better by a hangover-free Saturday full of loungey times and yoga pants. Tomorrow, I have many things to say about a certain license plate holder (yes, there are pictures) I spotted at the Honda dealership on Friday, so stay tuned...


  1. fun night!! and no worries about me being blinded by the light--I'm used to looking ghostly in pics! (although looked way sassier than I thought I did at the time, haha). :)