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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The One Where I Didn't Get Carded

You know how there are some people in your life who you can go for literally years without seeing and it truly doesn't matter because you can just pick up where you left off? Tonight, I had dinner with one of those people - my friend (and for part of our time at college, roommate) Lauren. Her boyfriend Patrick also tagged along. I give him a thumbs up - and not just because his hair does this cool swoopy thing. 

This is me and Lauren in college. Totally sober. (Not joking.) And yes, I used to be blonde.

So they spent the day at Disneyland and since I work about 45 minutes from The Happiest Place On Earth (As Long As You're Not Crying, And It's Not Too Hot, And The Lines Aren't Too Long), I decided to meet them for dinner at Downtown Disney. So, I head down there...

Who comes up with this stuff?!?

After I park my car, I'm walking to the restaurant and there are a few people walking behind me, clearly teenagers.

Google "teenagers" and this pops up on your image search. I have so many snarky things to say about this.
As we're walking, I hear what sounds like a bus honking. And one of these teens behind me says, "Oh! I didn't know there was a boat here!" Like... whaaaaat? How do you not know the difference between a bus horn and a boat horn? Unless you're used to buses that turn into boats, like such:

Anyway. Confusing. So I get to the restaurant and am there slightly early, so I head to the bar to get a glass of wine whilst waiting. And I don't even get carded. Which... fine (read: not fine). But as I relay this information to Calla via text (also known as the other half of Nalla, also known as my just plain other half; you'll learn more about her later) I become slightly indignant and then I text Calla "I mean, I could be a cop, okay buddy? If you don't ID, I'm taking you to jail!" To which she suggested I carry around a fake badge for just such an occasion, and this prompted me to think about looking for the badge from my cop Halloween costume from a couple years ago. Hello!

Me arresting my now-roommate, Monique (a.k.a. Mother Nature)
So then Lauren and Patrick arrive and, it was so nice to catch up with my old friend and make a new one. We also ate delicious food - hello tortilla frites! I also basically job interviewed Patrick, as ANY GOOD FRIEND WOULD DO, just to make sure he passed. He did. Even though he admitted to eating and liking sardines and pickled herring, to which I asked "Are you from Old Germany?" And he said, "No, Iceland." Excellent. I'm sure you've had the experience where the evening is clearly ending and you just don't want it to because you're having such a nice time. So to delay the inevitable, we took pics. Obvi. 

Patrick's swoopy hair and the bella Lauren - they knew each other in high school, but just reconnected a couple years ago. I LOVE when that happens for people. 

Us laughing at Patrick taking 14 pictures.

Ahhh, glorious. Just what I needed today. 

On to more adventures tomorrow! 

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